— Vi una frase que se me hizo totalmente cierta: “Si me quiere en su vida, usted me pondrá en ella. Yo no debería estar peleando por un puesto.” —
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— Imagina que es año nuevo, estás en la fiesta de tu vida y te alejas para perderte en tus pensamientos y ver los fuegos artificiales.Un par de manos cubren tus ojos, escuchas su voz, volteas y es la persona que menos esperabas pero que más querías.‎ —
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I don’t know what they are called, the spaces between seconds– but I think of you always in those intervals.

Salvador Plascencia, The People of Paper (via hqlines)
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Las ganas de ti no las pierdo nunca.

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— Y si ves a una persona con ojeras, yo creo que mínimo deberías abrazarla. —
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yooo this looks dope on your blog

it really does


preach it tegs this is the sexiest thing I’ve seen in ages


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“On a more serious note, even though i love joking around with you guys and i have so much fun, i want to talk about a period in my life where i had to go through obstacles that i never thought that i could get through. There’s people that i met today that come up to me who struggle with those same issues and i know that there are so many of you out there tonight that are struggling from the same issues i did - with bullying, eating disorders, self harm, depression and i want you guys to know that because you stayed strong for me, i was able to get through it and that, i can never repay you guys. You guys are my life. Thank you for being able to stay strong.”

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You’re trying to find art where there’s nothing.

Dan Howell (via vvorgan)
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